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OCTOBER 27 – 28, 2016 – FLORENCE



From a quantum perspective


The 2016 INO Annual Symposium

brings together researchers from INO, CNR and academic communities, presenting and discussing their most recent scientific results in a lively two-day meeting. In view of the announced Flagship initiative of the European Commission, the 2016 edition is especially focused on Quantum Technologies.

The Symposium will celebrate the official opening of the renovated INO hystorical headquarters in Arcetri, with local and national authorities, scientific and academic leaders and entrepreneurs convening to create synergies and lay down strategic visions for INO future.

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Tommaso Calarco

Invited Speaker

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  • Alessandro Zavatta
  • Augusto Smerzi
  • Costanza Toninelli
  • Francesco Marino
  • Giacomo Roati
  • Iacopo Carusotto
  • Oliver Morsch
  • Pasquale Maddaloni


Scientific Committee

  • Andrea Fioretti
  • Francesco Cataliotti
  • Francesco Minardi
  • Gabriele Santambrogio
  • Jacopo Carusotto
  • Luca Mercatelli
  • Marco Bellini
  • Paolo De Natale
  • Pasquale Maddaloni

Organizing Committee

  • Alessandro Farini
  • Elisa Guberti
  • Elisabetta Baldanzi
  • Jacopo Catani
  • Paola Fraioli
  • Roberta Parenti

Room Setup

  • Daniela Gaggero
  • Francesca Messina



Thursday, October 27, 2016

  • 11:00 Visit of INO laboratories in Sesto Fiorentino

    (advanced online registration required)

  • 12:30 LUNCH at CNR cafeteria

    (advanced online registration required)

  • 14:00 Opening welcome, Paolo De Natale
  • 14:15 Plenary session, Tommaso Calarco

    Invited Speaker

  • 15:00 Augusto Smerzi

    The second quantum revolution

  • 15:20 Costanza Toninelli

    Single molecules for quantum technologies 

  • 15:40 Alessandro Zavatta

    Light engineering at the single-photon level

  • 16:00 - 16:45 Coffee break and Poster Session
  • 16:45 Francesco Marino

    Quantum nondemolition measurement of light intensity fluctuations by
    optomechanical interaction

  • 17:15 Oliver Morsch

    Feynman meets Rydberg: Towards quantum simulators with highly excited atoms 

  • 17:35 Iacopo Carusotto

    Quantum fluids of light: first successes and many exciting perspectives

  • 17:55 Giacomo Roati

    Dynamics of strongly interacting atomic Fermi gases

  • 18:15 Pasquale Maddaloni

    Precision spectroscopy of buffer-gas-cooled molecular beams 

  • 18:45 Closing


Friday, October 28, 2016

  • 10:30 Opening ceremony at Arcetri CNR INO Headquarters
  • 11:00 Opening welcome

    • Massimo Inguscio, Presidente, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
    • Paolo De Natale, Direttore f.f., Istituto Nazionale di Ottica
    • Lorenzo Bacci, Dirigente Regione Toscana Settore Diritto allo Studio Universitario e Sostegno alla Ricerca
    • Cristina Giachi, Vicesindaca Comune di Firenze
    • Luigi Dei, Rettore Università di Firenze

  • 12:30 Light lunch
  • 14:30 Tavola rotonda sulle Tecnologie Quantistiche e Future Direzioni

    Moderatore: Massimo Inguscio – Presidente CNR

    Marco Bellini – CNR INO
    Tommaso Calarco – Università di Ulm
    Francesco Saverio Cataliotti – Università di Firenze
    Paolo De Natale – CNR INO
    Paolo Mataloni – Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
    Maria Luisa Rastello – INRIM
    Augusto Smerzi – CNR INO
    Lucia Sorba – CNR NANO

  • 16:30 Closing

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    Travel Information

    Participants are advised to book their hotel in Firenze. Transportation from Sesto Fiorentino to Firenze will be available at the end of the sessions on Thursday 27 October

    Venue: 27 october

    Area della Ricerca CNR – Sesto Fiorentino
    Via Madonna del piano 10, 50019, Sesto Fiorentino

    A shuttle-bus service from CNR area in Sesto Fiorentino to the city center of Florence will be in place at the end of the conference.

    Directions     See Map

    Venue: 28 october

    Sede Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, Arcetri
    Largo Enrico Fermi 6, 50125 Firenze

    See Map

    Poster Session

    Registration is now open for poster presentations, deadline Thursday 20 October.
    The poster session is on Thursday 27 October.
    Due to space constraints the number of posters will be limited to 40.
    The Scientific Committee will notify authors of accepted posters soon after the deadline.


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